To Blog Or Not To Blog 8/18/2013


I confess when I first heard about blogging I didn’t get it. I should probably confess I still don'[t really get it. To my way of thinking, if I’m going to rack my brains for something to write about, it should be fictional. After all, that’s what I do–write fiction. If there are any subliminal ideas I want to put out into the universe, I sneak them into my novels.

All that being said, here I am blogging. Why you ask. New Year’s Eve resolution to blog more and one is more than zero, right? I figure I was smart to say more and not a specific number. I can be clever at times.

Since this my first blog on the new site, I thought I’d talk about my newest creation Back To Blue. It was supposed to be a comedy. One day while riding the bus home from work, I had this idea about this girl whose rich hippy-like mother gave her daughters weird names. My heroine’s name was Summer Rein and she had psychic abilities. If you’ve read my short story Sheena’s Sight you can imagine the type of set up I was going for.

My other heroine was to be the daughter of a famous actress, who despite that, had an ordinary childhood. Her name never came to me in the early work sessions, but eventually Renny came from somewhere and took hold.

I had this idea my two main characters were going to meet during a rain shower, go grab coffee and fall in love. Unfortunately, I got off the bus and they didn’t. By the time I sat down to write (and yes, I do use pen and paper), the story had changed to something totally different. Color me surprised.

Lucky for me, the novel I’m currently working on is going the way I imagined it. Could that be whey I’m having such trouble with it?

Anyway, here’s a little info about Back To Blue, which can be purchased at www.bellabooks.com.



Book Blurb:

They tell her she was an artist. They tell her she has family and friends. But Summer Rain Baxby remembers nothing after a year-long coma. Just as she thinks she’s turned a new corner with a new job, reality shatters around her—someone else’s memories of terror crowd into the void in her own mind.

Unnerved, Summer still tries to move on and is grateful to reclaim her friends Keile and Haydn as part of her life. When they introduce her to the attractive author Renny Jamison, Summer wants to focus on possibilities and creating brand new, wonderful memories.

It’s not to be—a child’s memory of her own abduction gives Summer nightmares. Afraid she is losing her sanity, Summer tries to confirm these “memories” are real. The police immediately brand her a flake. To her surprise, however, one person steadfastly believes in her: Renny.

Romance and a thrilling race to save the life of a child are highlighted in Dillon Watson’s eagerly awaited follow-up to the award-winning Keile’s Chance.


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